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Universal Alternative Committee (U.A.C)


TheUniversal Alternative committee (UAC),which operates according todeh these by-laws, is an international body that negotiates with host entities (cities, states, etc.), sets the rules for the Alt G and supervises the organization, having complete authority over the Alt G.  The UAC was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Cantabria, Spain. This committee establishes the “Alternative Code,” and it serves as the supreme authority in any matters related to the Alternative Games.

Goals of the U.A.C
  To organize the Alt G on a periodic basis.
Promotion of sport in general.
The Composition of the U.A.C


Permanen members:
Those who have been named “Standard bearer” by the Alt G.

Federated members:
The leaders of all the international federations and associations that have participated in at least one Alt G.

Jesús Bustamante President U.A.C

Institutional members:
The leaders of the regions that have organized one Alt G

Organizational members:
The president, vice president and treasurer of the UAC.
A maximum of three members of the UAC staff.A maximum of three renowned athletes selected by the president of the UAC.

Domains of the U.A.C

1.-The UAC will direct the inernational diffusion of the Alt G according to the to the rules of these by-laws.In keeping with this, the UAC will work to create a place for the Alt G within international sport.
2.- The selection of the city that organizes the Alt G will be made by a vote among the lifetime members or the UAC, the institutional members, the federated members and organizational members. In the event that there are several cities from which to choose, a "selection committee" will be formed, which will be comprised of organizational members. The committee will have a maximun of three members an will communicate information on the possible locations to the members of the UAC with voting privileges.
3.- El día a día del funcionamiento del UAC lo determinará la “Comisión Ejecutiva”, que se reunirá periódicamente, y que está formada por el Presidente, el Vicepresidente y el Tesorero.
4.-The UAC elects a president between all of its organizational members by secret ballot, they will serve an eight-year term and who can be re-elected for successive four-year terms. The remaining organizational members will beelected by the executive committee.
5.-The funds that support the UAC will derive from television rights, from agreements made with participating cities/regions, and from fundes earned during the celebration of the Alt G. donations will also be sought to help fund the Alt G.
6.-The UAC reserves all rights related to the symbol, the slogan, the emblem and the hymn.