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The State Alternative Committees (SACs) are the committees that represent each group of competitors (for example, from a U.S. state) and that will be subordinate to the UAC.  The SACs may compose their own by-laws, which must abide by the by-laws listed herein and be approved by the UAC.  The UAC maintains the right to disband an SAC at any time.  The SAC of the host entity (city,state, etc.) has the obligation to become legally Incorporated and is responsible for the organization of the Alt G.  The SAC organizes the games under the UAC´s supervision.
COMPETENCIAS de los State Alternative Committees
1.- Organize and coordinate the participation of athletes from particular regions each time the Alt G takes place.
2.- Encourage participation in sports in those regions.
3.- Work with athletic federations and associations in those regions to coordinate the preparation of participants.  Any federation or association who adheres to the by-laws of the Alt G may be considered an affiliated federation/association of the Alt G.
4.- To encourage federations and associations to promote the Alt G (by distributing information to potential competitors, through electronic media and social networking, etc.) to become affiliated federations/associations of the Alt G.
5.- To be the sole representative of the UAC in the aforementioned regions.
6.- Organize the promotion of the Alt G.
7.- To oversee the usage in the aforementioned regions of the official emblem and flag of the    Alt G, as well as the use of the name “Alternative Games.”
8.- Designate cities in the aforementioned regions that might host the Alt G.
9.- Serve as a liaison between regions, cities and the UAC for the purpose of organizing the Alt G.  If a region is selected to host the Alt G, the SAC that represents it will coordinate, as mandated by the UAC, all aspects of the organization of the Alt G as well as any that involve the host city or region with respect to the Alt G.
10.- Maintain contact with athletes and solicit and forward to the UAC nominations for ambassadorial representatives.
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