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The Alternative code is comprised of the by-laws, rules, statutes and entities involved in the realization of the Alternative Games (Alt G)



The UAC makes a distinction between different types of sports and competitions.  A sport may be composed of one activity or several activities that have something in common.

The list of athletic events/disciplines is subject to change during each edition of the Alt G according to criteria established by the UAC. Once a sport or discipline has been part of the Alternative Games, it will be considered Alternative forever and may be part of the AG forever, regardless of its subsequent integration into the Olympics or any other Games.

Each event will have a maximum number of participants.  The specific rules for each event, the scheduling of events, and the maximum number of participants will be disseminated on the web site of the Alt G and through social media.

The UAC reserves the right to modify all rules before the Alt G commences.



The winners of athelic eventes at the Alt G will be awarded the appropriate gold, silver and bronze medals while the hymns of the Alt G that of the competitor's region will be played.

Individual regions may or may not decide to award prizes to winners of competitions, Participants in the Alt G may also receive gifts awarded by the sponsosrs of the Alt G..



The alt G is a biennial event.

The Alt G will be an international event that might take place in any city that expresses interest an that has the capacity to organize the Alt G according to the criteria of the UAC.



The Alt G has an additional feature, namely, that the Alt G is planned so that the community at large will also be involved, whether as spectators or participants.  The number of participants in the Alt G from each region will be determined according to the rules of the UAC. All participants in the Alt G should be natives of the state they represent or should have at least resided in that state for ten years. In the latter case, the participant will present documentation to the SAC in order to confirm his resident status. Only officially recognized SACs can register participants for the Alt G upon the recommendation of the appropriate association/federation.  In cases where no association/federation exists, a SAC will register participants individually according to the rules of the activity in question.  In all cases, final approval will depend on the UAC



The Alt G reserves the right to prohibit participants from using any foreign subtace that could possibly affect therir performance during the Alt G.

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