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The international image of the AA. GG. will be represented in each edition through the banner. He will be an athlete or former athlete with a great professional career, and his mission will coincide with the ultimate goal of the games, that is, to foster sport, strengthen ties berween citizens around the world, and promote the place where AA. GG. the banner will be the image of the games from the moment the place where they eill be celebrated is decided, and their responsibilities will be extended until that edition closes. It will also act as a link with the athletes, and will be the bearer of the Alternative Flag on the day of the opening of the AA. GG. in addition, the banner will become a lifelong member of the entity that organizes the games, and their ideas, opinions and proposals, will have a great weight in the current edition, and in future editions.


The image of each State shall be represented by an athlete born or resident in that State. They are the Sports Ambassadors, and their mission will be to contribute to spread the image of that State in the world, and to promote the JJ. AA. Among all the citizens, institutions and federations of that State.


The most representative disciplines of the JJ. AA. Will have in each edition a Godfather each one of them. He will be a local sportsman, fond of the sport he represents, and his mission will be to help promote that discipline, thus contributing to the global growth of the event.