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The Alternative Games(Alt G) consists of a combination of sporting events and cultural activities whose three defining characts are the following:

1.-Rather than being grouped according to national identities, the competitors will be grouped according to their native local regions (states, provinces, cities, etc.).  For example, individuals from the U.S. state of California might compete against those from the German region of Bavaria. However, countries with small population and size (Monaco, Vatican, Seychelles Islands or Liechtenstein) and colonies (Gibraltar, Martinique and Bermuda) may participate in the Games as such, without the need for citizens to register representing even smaller territorial units.

2.-The majority of the events will be events that did not form part of the most recent Olympic Games. In order to honor the spirit of the Olympic Games, and in order to create traditions associated with the Alt G, there will be some sports or disciplines at each Alt G that are based upon events that have formed part of the most recent Olympic Games, modified to be suitable for the smaller scale of Alt G.  For example the Marathon –an Olympic event – becomes the Half Marathon for Alt G, and Tennis of 6 sets is reduced to Tennis of 4 sets for Alt G.


3.- Some disciplines are open to both Professional and Amateur competitors.



1.- To encourage participation in sports.
2.- To create lasting ties between people from all over the world.
3.- To promote worldwide the city and region that hos the Alt G.



The concept of the Alternative Games came about in 2012, after we held a small local sporting event in San Martin de Elines (Cantabria), which we named Edition 0. Atheletes and former athletes, such as Iker Casillas, Jose Manuel Abascal or Emilio Amavisca, supported this initiative. The success of Edition 0 planted a seed for the creation of a larger professional competition, which offers different features than all other sporting events in the world.



The symbol of the Alt G consists of six green and yelow spheres, including three green spheres  in the upper section, two lime green ones beneath,and one yellow below the lime green spheres.  The spheres will form together a shape resembling an inverted triangle .



The official flag the Alt G is white with the symbol of the Alt G in the center.



“Free your Alter Ego”



Purpose: To advertise and affirm the identity or the Alt G amd the Host City.



Each Alternative Games has its own Alternative emblem, which is a design that combines the aforementioned symbol of the Alt G with other distinctive elements that have been previously approved by the UAC..



The official hymn of each edition will be determined by the city that organizes the Alt G.



Los The Alt G will always take place during the summer months.



In the sole case of Edition 1 of the Alt G, each participant will pay a registration fee that will permit participation in one or more activities. An individual participant may compete in 2 disciplines as long as they do not take place simultaneously. Registration closing 1 calendar month prior to the opening of the Alt G. Registration fees may be paid

1.- On line.
2.- Bank transfer.

Registration fee for Edition 1:   10 € y 20 €



In some high-risk activities participants who are not members of a club (or a sport federation) will need to assume all costs associated with such activities (a one-day license).



The definitive schedule for each activity will be posted 2 calendar moths prior to the opening of the Alt G.



With the aim of establishing lasting ties among the participants, the first and last day of the Alt G will include opening and closing ceremonies with musical entertainment and a variety of festive activities.


Licenses and Permits
Opening and Closing Ceremonies